Enter the real estate industry unrestricted and more capable.


Who is this course for?

The combined real estate registration course is the first step in your Real Estate career, as such, it’s made for people who are not currently in the Real Estate industry.

What is this course about?

This course is made up of nationally accredited units of competency and gives you the full educational requirement to be an unrestricted real estate representative in Western Australia.

What is the course structure?

A simple 4 day course that is entirely competency based. There are no exams and assessment is friendly and relaxed. Haven’t quite grasped a concept yet? That’s fine, we’ll work with you until you do.

Enter the Industry Unrestricted

There are two main entry paths into this exciting industry, these are Sales or Property Management.
Both are demanding yet rewarding careers that require motivated, charismatic, organised individuals with a flair for communication and a love of people!
The great news is that our registration course will equip you to do either job – or both jobs if you really like working! 🙂
Our registration course covers both sales and property management. The in-class, face-to-face component will give you the educational requirements to be registered as either a sales representative or a property manager. If you are seeking ‘in depth’ knowledge as a property manager, we will give you unlimited access to online training videos and a workbook (whilst your enrolment is current) to assist you in specialising in the area of property management, at no extra charge.

WCPT’s Real Estate Registration Course RUN OUT

Currently, to enter the real estate industry in WA, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) require you to complete a skill set taken from the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). This means you would either complete seven units of competency for an unrestricted registration (unrestricted to perform sales and/or property management duties) or six units of competency for a restricted registration (restricted to property management duties).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Enrolling in this course I understand that the terms and conditions vary considerably from those usual from WCPT.
  2. The Runout registration course is a heavily discounted version of the usual course offered by WCPT.  I understand the discount is in price not quality.
  3. The enrolment period for this course will end on 31st December 2019.  I understand that there will be no extensions and no exceptions to this condition.
  4. Full payment must be made before course completion can occur.
  5. All classes must be completed, and all assessments submitted prior to December 31st 2019.
  6. In the event that life gets in the way, and I am unable to complete by December 31st, I understand that WCPT will work with me to transfer my completed units to the new registration course via a recognition of prior learning process.  I understand that this will require me to enrol in the new registration course in January 2020 at an additional cost of approx. $1000.

Face-to-face or Online?

Online Sales Course

An interactive online video based course. Enter the industry as an unrestricted Sales Representative specialising in Sales (with optional PMs units).


A face-to-face course runs over 4 days every 4 to 6 weeks. Enter the industry as an unrestricted Sales Representative or Property Manager.

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Online PMs Course

An interactive online video based course. Enter the industry as a restricted Sales Representative specialising in Property Management.

Course Structure

Nitty Gritty Information

Class Duration 9am – 5pm
Course Duration 4 Days in one week
Enrolment Duration Enrolments will expire on the 31st of December 2019
Expected Completion Most people hand in their assessments 2 to 3 weeks after finishing the in-class component of the course. However you can take as long as you need within your enrolment.
The nationally recognised units of competency that make up this course are part of a skill set taken from the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) – CPP40307 as part of the CPP07 – Property Services Training Package. This course will give you the educational requirement to be registered as an unrestricted sales representative by DMIRS and work as either a sales representative or property manager in Western Australia.

  • CPPDSM4080A Work in the real estate industry
  • CPPDSM4007A Identify legal & ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4008A Identify legal & ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4003A Appraise property
  • CPPDSM4012A List property for sale
  • CPPDSM4014A Market property for sale
  • CPPDSM4022A Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty.