Licensed agents, property managers and sales representatives must complete at least 7 points of elective CPD activities in each calendar year. These points can be completed in class or online. Please note: you cannot complete the same sessions as you did in 2019




Calibrate - 7 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

Every year WCPT package our most asked questions, most impactful legal changes and most significant operational risks into 7 hours of real estate sales insights that we call our flagship elective CPD session. Join a cast of expert presenters including WCPT CEO and Director of Education Jackie Crank for a day of real estate knowledge nuggets that promise to continue to change the way you think and work.

Easy Economics: Prepare yourself to answer real estate’s most pressing objection… “I’m just waiting for the Perth property market to recover”.

  • What drives the property market?
  • What is unique about the WA economy?
  • The story of the boom in WA – why, how, and what now?
Sale to Settlement: We started this journey in 2019 – in 2020, we go further.
  • How to read a certificate of title, including encumbrances such as caveats, notifications and restrictive covenants and surveys such as Deposited Plans, Diagrams, Strata Plans and Survey Strata Plans.
  • Buying entities – what if you get it wrong or the buyer wants to change the contract?
  • Knowledge is power – how well do you or should you know your clients?
  • An insider’s guide to the small steps that make a massive difference.
  • Presented by Valerie Haskins, one of WA’s most experienced and respected settlement agents.
A Little Law: 2020’s most important legislative updates, including changes to the REBA Act (1978), packaged for you in a tidy takeaway.

Digital Delight: Internet security changes every day. Hear about today’s attacks and defences from WCPT’s digital guru Liam Crank.

Stress-free Strata: In 2020 the changes become law, meaning our training shifts from overview to operational realities: including new disclosure forms, compulsory reserve funds and educational requirements for strata managers.


19th of March 2020
29th of April 2020
20th of August 2020
18th of September 2020
29th of October 2020
2nd of December 2020
10th of December 2020

CSI: Property Management - 7 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

Working in residential PM means working in the inner sanctums of people’s lives – and on occasion, being exposed to unlawful behaviour. In 2020, WCPT are taking a deep dive into the many criminal – and not – activities and behaviours that a property manager might encounter. This 7-hour session of case-studies based around real stories and actual PM experiences is a must-have for all the PM risk managers, crisis handlers and disaster responders out there. Together we will investigate:

Hard crimes:

  • Drugs, Death and FDV.
  • Fraudulent activities, including digital, insurance and identity theft.
  • When the PM turns criminal: trust account fraud and fake invoices.
Murkiness: The law is clear – or is it?
  • Gangs, burglaries and haunted houses.
  • When something happens by accident – who is responsible? Who has insurance? Who has the right to a claim? Who is at fault?
  • Court processes.
That ain’t a crime!
  • Tenant, Owner and PM dynamics.
  • Feeling accused of a crime when there is no crime as all.
Plus odd & unusual cases we will investigate and solve together!


2nd of April 2020
7th of August 2020
24th of September 2020
22nd of October 2020
4th of December 2020
11th of December 2020

I want to subdivide - Can you sell it for me? - 3.5 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

Subdivision - massive growth area, massive potential but a minefield for the unwary! When your client says "I want to subdivide - can you sell it for me?" what is likely to be your response? This session is aimed at agents and sales representatives involved with clients who are contemplating or are in the process of subdividing their property. You will learn about the process including approvals, timeframes, documentation, contract writing, GST withholding and the common causes of delays and issues.

Three 'less than ideal' case studies will demonstrate the risks and pitfalls involved in not following due process when selling such property. Truth: There is enormous upside potential to being involved in the strata subdivision tsunami - but there are also plenty of risks. Protect yourself and your customers by getting your facts straight and your expertise sharp.


14th of May 2020
13th of November 2020

Selling Under the Hammer - 7 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

When it comes to the relevance of auctions in WA, judgements are firm: and if you are seriously pro-auction, chances are you’re a member of a rather petite club. But changes in market conditions and consumer preferences generate demand for new and different ways of doing things. This 7 hour session takes an unbiased view on the relevance, risk and reward of the auction, as well as other sales strategies available to consumers.

Compare and Contrast: Auctions and Private Treaty Sales

  • Advantages and disadvantages of both
  • The mechanics of the process
  • Assessing suitability: property and client
Beyond an auction: other selling methods
  • Pricing strategies
  • Date strategies
  • What the law says
Who makes the call?
  • Is an auction for them or for us?
  • Why industry uptake matters
  • Is WA unique?


26th of March 2020
5th of May 2020
1st of October 2020
12th of November 2020

Strata Basics - 3.5 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

This session is suitable for anybody who seeks a better understanding of dealing with strata property in WA including sales people, property managers and property owners. The session will include a series of case studies that allow participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in the practical application of reading strata plans.

The session will cover introductory information including:

  • Strata terminology
  • How to read a strata plan
  • Lot vs Pt Lot vs Common Property
  • Built form strata vs survey strata
  • Unit entitlement
  • What is the difference between a strata company, council and manager?
  • Strata disclosure requirements
  • By-laws vs house rules


30th of March 2020
26th of June 2020
West Perth
11th of November 2020

Strata Reform 2020 - 3.5 Elective CPD Points

Time: 9:00 am  to  12:45 pm

WA now has more that 300,000 strata properties; this asset class is growing in occurrence and complexity. Profound changes to strata legislation have commenced in 2020: if 2019 strata training was about understanding the ‘why’ of proposed changes, 2020 strata training is about knowing the ‘how’ of these brand-new laws. Looking for a simple, up-to-date summary of the changes that have passed – and the changes required of you? This is that session.

Better buyer information

  • 4 disclosure forms: what do they look like?
  • I’m a rep: what are my responsibilities to the buyer?
  • What are the circumstances where a buyer can avoid the contract?
Improved strata management
  • A legislated framework of responsibilities
  • Requirement for a management contract
  • Requirement for a trust account
  • Minimum education requirements
Improved by-laws
  • How are by-laws clearer and fairer?
  • Which by-laws are locked in and cannot be changed?
  • What’s the difference between a Governance and Conduct by-law?


15th of May 2020
8th of July 2020
West Perth
3rd of December 2020