So you want to get into the real estate industry but you don’t know where to start? Check out our lists of the 5 things you need to get started, including your real estate course, your application to DMIRS and the next step in your career!

1) Understand licensing/registration for real estate representatives and licensed agents in Western Australia.

Licencing and registration of real estate professionals in WA is a bit complicated. So you should familiarise yourself with how it works before you get started, after all, you’ll be assessed on it in your registration course!
This video goes through everything you need to know, if you prefer to read, check out our how do I become a real estate agent in WA page.


2)    Complete your course in-class or online

Once you choose the course right for you, you need to complete it! WCPT offers flexible adult education designed to get you ‘job ready’ as soon as possible.

The main question you need to ask yourself when deciding on a course is ‘do I was to work primarily in sales or property management?’ Of course you don’t necessarily have to decide on that right now, the combined registration course offered by WCPT allows you the qualification and the knowledge to work in both sales and property management. Or if you’ve made up your mind, we also offer an online sales course and an online property management course.

3)    Organise your national police clearance

As part of the requirements for licensing/registration of real estate professionals in WA the Real estate and business agents act stipulates that those applying must be of good character and repute, and fit and proper to hold a license or registration. What does that fancy jargon mean? You’ll have to provide a national police clearance to prove that you don’t have any kind of criminal record hanging over you. Simple!


4) Apply to DMIRS (Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety)

DMIRS, formally the department of commerce, is the licensing body for the real estate industry in WA. In order to get your registration, you’ll need to apply to them and pay a registration fee, which is, at time of writing, $243 (up to date information found here.)

You’ll also have to complete an application to be registered as a real estate representative. Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about this form (and many others) when you complete your registration course.

5)    Congratulations! CPD and CPP50307 – Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management)

Once you’ve complete the above steps, and assuming everything in your application checks out, you should receive your registration from DMIRS!

Once your registration comes through, you’ll need to complete compulsory professional development to the tune of 10 hours starting in the calendar year FOLLOWING your registration, so if you register in 2017, you don’t need to complete CPD until 2018.

After you’ve spent some time in the industry, you might like to start thinking about taking the next step in your real estate career – becoming a licensed agent.