We work with you to create training to meet your requirements and deliver the messages that are relevant to your team. Here are some ways you might use our bespoke training:

We can create training in support of strategic initiatives, such as cultural change, organisational restructures or new branding activities. We can ‘bring to life’ themes that may have been presented in previous whole-of-office events. We can prioritise staff development and ensure messages are embedded in your organisation, driving behavioural change and continuous improvement. We can even explore new trends and how they might be relevant to your business or include a learning event within a team building day.

The diversity of our WCPT team means that in addition to technical real estate training, we can deliver a fantastic selection of topics:

  • Leadership

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Organisational Culture

  • Personal Brand

  • Motivation and Discipline

  • People Performance

  • Creating and Managing Change

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Stress Management and Personal Protection