WCPT CARE is our signature performance improvement offering, aimed at understanding and overhauling Culture and Attitudes in Real Estate. This program is the culmination of a decade of WCPT experience in working to improve real estate teams.

WCPT CARE acknowledges that many of the improvement initiatives sought by licensees focus on customer service or internal team dynamics – or both. Using WCPT CARE, we get to the core of customer service and conflict by focusing on the existing culture and attitudes within office teams.

WCPT CARE builds on our wildly popular CPD session The Care Factor, and evolves it to diagnose the culture and attitudes in your office that may be influencing your team’s performance.

What does CARE involve?

  • Diagnosing team outlooks and attitudes via survey, to get to know ourselves and each other

  • Seeking direct feedback from clients to get to the core of customer experiences

  • Customising training content for your team, based on the insights we collect

  • Embedding and sustaining change for the better – delivering improved team attitudes, collaboration and ultimately, superior performance.

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