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In 2020, WCPT will offer three unique conferences for the WA real estate industry.

Property Management

7 & 8 May 2020

The WCPT Above and Beyond PM Conference has been built on the huge success of our previous PM Conferences, which are now must-have events in the annual PM learning calendar.


23 & 24 July 2020

WCPT are thrilled to create The WCPT Above and Beyond Sales Conference, our first residential sales-only training event!


3 & 4 September 2020

WCPT are thrilled to create The WCPT Above and Beyond Commercial Real Estate Conference, our first commercial-only training event!

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Relevant information & very knowledgeable presenter


Reiteration of sticking to compliance & not accepting just “best practice”


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As a newby I found the conversation very helpful & informative.

Leanne W

One of the best – Beautifully presented, Keep up the good work.

Cheyrl M

Jackie is such a good communicator & very knowledgeable, thank you Jackie!

Karen P

Thanks Jackie, great again, interesting and well explained.

Sarah S

Practical & relevant to our daily work. Information was presented in an interesting way.

Elize A

Fabulous presentation of the session, happy that the content is relevant to the industry. Ease of access and parking!

Petar R

Thank you WCPT, this was one of the best CPD sessions I have attended. Incredibly engaging and concepts were put forward in ways I could understand! – Highly recommend.


It was very informative, fast moving and very interesting.

Suzi B


Practical examples, great discussion about experiences etc. Great! really engaging & interesting.


Relevant legislation with real-life scenarios by a qualified instructor that works within the industry. Compliments on an interesting and well-presented session.


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It was clear as a bell what we all learnt. I really enjoyed the session with Sharon, she is SO good at explaining everything & inviting questions.

Sylvia M

Very relevant to the day-to-day life in real estate workplace. Trainer was knowledgeable, pleasant and encouraged discussion.


Well run, informative, some dull subjects made interesting by a good presenter.

Geoff B

Very informative and explaied very well, awesome trainer

Michelle J

Jackie explains things so clearly, and with the new strata changes this is so important. Compliance is essential and also explained clearly.

Monica Y

I thought all was excellent, a wonderfull session, very well done.

Steven M

Very clear and very informative, thank you!

Stacie C

Very interesting group chats regarding FDV changes, the group discussions raised a lot questions wich would relate daily. Great presenter – thank you!

Kodie B