Above &
Beyond 2020

17 - 18th September, Mandoon Estate, Caversham

About The Event

About the Above and Beyond PM Conference

The Above & Beyond PM Conference is an empowering training event, aimed at elevating the property management industry to its true potential. We bring together like minded thinkers to challenge the status quo and collaborate on industry improvement, for everyone’s benefit.


Beautiful Mandoon Estate, Caversham


Thursday & Friday
17 - 18th September

Event Schedule

and training topics

2020 is a year of massive change for everyone. But even before the arrival of a global pandemic, property managers were facing significant operational and legislative change. Our 7-elective point CPD training day will focus on four core themes, explored via guest speakers, panel discussions and case study presentation. Day two will feature a complimentary industry insight breakfast and the 3-mandatory point CPD session.

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A full day of elective CPD

Completion awards you with 7 elective points for 2020.

Technical brilliance in real estate.

A big question: Why does the government keep changing the rules for Property Managers?

  • Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA): what has changed, what changes might be coming and what is the thinking behind the law?
  • The ongoing impact of Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Act 2020 and what if COVID-19 comes back?
  • How will big legislative change actually impact my daily work?
Featuring an audience with Trish Blake, Senior Policy Officer from DMIRS, with live polling and Q&A.

Extraordinary service, lifelong loyalty.

A big question: Why don’t owners always understand that it costs money to make money?

  • Are clients loyal because we are cheap, or because we are good at our jobs?
  • Clients for life: contractual obligation or service quality addiction?
  • Owners and tenants: are they equals as clients?
Featuring a case study with Benchmark Managing Director Lisa Larsen that asks how it is practically possible to structure our business to champion the customer at all times.

Embracing opportunities to collaborate.

A big question: Why does my work life sometimes feel like one giant argument?

  • Tenant and owner: the PM in the middle.
  • The business owners vs the business doers.
  • Could my fiercest competitors actually be my friendliest collaborators?
Featuring a panel discussion with a group of successful business owning property management leaders pursuing professional growth and PM industry progress through collaboration.

Innovation and best practice, today and tomorrow.

A big question: Why do I still feel inefficient in an era of mass efficiency?

  • Case Studies in mobile and digital work.
  • Tackling burnout, keeping my role relevant and creating supportive work environments.
  • Ideas to actions: A ‘make it happen’ planning session.
Featuring a case study on how we keep the human relevant. We know technology = efficiency. But if we outsource and digitise every facet of our PM role, how do we also provide a personalised service experience and justify premium fees?

An amazing networking sundowner!

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Complementary breakfast

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A half day of Mandatory CPD

Completion awards you with 3 mandatory points for 2020.


All good things

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Beautiful Mandoon Estate, Caversham

Enjoy the ambience of picturesque Mandoon Estate in Spring. Great good, amazing people and spectacular training await you this September!

Above & Beyond Awards

The Above & Beyond Awards will recognise the people and practices that continue to drive our real estate industry to be as good as it can be.

These awards acknowledge that it is not always the highest-ranking salesperson or most successful BDM who drive productive and meaningful positive change in our industry. The awards are an opportunity to share our industry’s most significant property management achievements and recognise the investment PMs make in their career and their industry.

These awards are nominated by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals. You can nominate yourself, your colleague, or an industry peer - simply share a story of going above and beyond, to allow us all to benefit.

Award Categories

  • Real Estate Nous: Technical brilliance in real estate
  • Clients for Life: Extraordinary service, lifelong loyalty.
  • Cooperation: A champion of real estate industry integrity and collaboration.
  • Future is Now: Innovation and best practice, today and tomorrow.

Nominate yourself or someone else for an Above & Beyond Award.
Read the Above & Beyond Awards Terms and Conditions here.





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